I was born into a family of artists going back a great grandfather at least, so sort of had a knack for it. Ironically, an artist is not what I wanted to be when 'I grew up'. I felt it was an okay hobby but not a true calling for me. I really wanted to be a horse jockey (think 'Black Stallion'), then I wanted to be an astronaut (yeah, I know), then I wanted to be a ballerina. I actually made it pretty far on the ballet front, having studied at the Dallas Ballet Academy into high school. But alas, I felt I just wasn't built for it so I wound up being a graphic designer which pays the bills but does not fulfill me creatively.

Eventually, I picked that 'hobby' back up and began creating fine art more seriously. I never knew what to paint until I had my boys. I found inspiration in my beautiful family who I use as models quite often. As a result, I also began finding inspiration in nature and in everyday things. My family has helped me view things with a whole new perspective. I see beauty and interest in things I wouldn't have before. While I paint subjects for myself, I hope that my images evoke emotion in the viewer. It does not have to be the same emotions that I feel.

While I love the look and smoothness of oils, I prefer acrylic for the quicker dry time and easier clean up. I also love to do small watercolor and gouache journals which I sometimes film and post on YouTube in a timelapse fashion which gives me instant gratification.  Last but not least, I also love to do scratchboards - which seems the complete opposite of painting in acrylic. My late mother gifted me a scratchboard one Christmas and I regret that I didn't try it until after she passed. But I tried it and fell in love with it.

I opened my online shop because I don't have room for all the art I've created - time to spread the love!
Artist Angeline Collier with one of her paintings.

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